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Florida flood insurance coverage

Flood Insurance in Florida

As enjoyable as Florida living can be, homeowners do need to take precautions against perils that can endanger their property. During hurricane season, one of the most prominent perils is flooding. Flooding can devastate a home in a short amount of time. Even homes not located in flood zones are at risk of flooding when hurricanes or tropical storms pass by.

Flood insurance can help protect your home against flooding. The following facts can be helpful in making wise flood insurance choices.

Where to Buy

Flood insurance can be purchased from a Seascape Insurance Group Inc. agent in Apalachicola, FL who will answer any questions you may have concerning flood risks, coverage, claims, and insurance costs. We’ll also help you choose the policy best suited to your situation.

What to Cover

You can purchase a Florida home (dwelling) and contents flood insurance coverage as a package deal or separately. Each comes with its own deductible.

Dwelling coverage includes protection for your home’s electrical and plumbing systems, major appliances, permanently installed paneling, carpeting, furniture, cabinets, flooring, walls, and more. Contents coverage includes such personal goods as clothing, furniture, electronics, portable appliances (microwave, toaster oven) and high-end valuables like jewelry and artwork, up to the limits on your policy.

Flood Insurance Cost

Various factors affect the cost of flood insurance to include:

  • Age and construction of your home
  • Number of occupants
  • Amount of insurance coverage you desire
  • Risk of flooding where your home is located
  • Amount of deductible

By choosing high deductibles on your policy, you can reduce flood insurance costs. Before opting for a high deductible, however, you should make sure you have the funds to pay this amount out of pocket. Any efforts you make to minimize the risk of flood damage to your property could also qualify you for a discount on your premium.

To learn more about flood insurance and the benefits it has to offer, call or visit us at Seascape Insurance Group Inc in Apalachicola, FL.

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