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Florida Homeowners with home insurance coverage

Home Insurance in Florida

If you love your Florida home, you’ll take measures to protect it with home insurance. Homeowners insurance from Seascape Insurance Group Inc. in Apalachicola, FL can protect your home and personal belongings against such perils as theft, wildfire, tropical storms, hail, and other disasters. Home insurance gives you the financial security you need to enjoy your Florida home to the fullest.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

A standard home insurance policy covers:

  • Your dwelling
  • Personal property
  • Liability protection

The extent of your coverage depends on the policy you buy. Smart homeowners will obtain coverage that fully protects their investment. If your home were destroyed in a wildfire, your coverage should be sufficient to have it rebuilt. Replacement cost coverage on personal goods will save you from having to replace these items out of pocket if they’re destroyed in a catastrophe covered by your policy.

Florida's a state that attracts visitors by the thousands. Many homeowners entertain friends and family year-round. If a visitor were to have a poolside accident while attending a dinner party on your property, your liability coverage would help cover medical costs. Liability insurance protects you against accidental injuries people may have when visiting your home. This includes trips and falls, dog bites, pool accidents, food poisoning, and more.

How to Choose Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance is designed to protect your home investment and personal assets. When selecting coverage, consider the value of your goods and property and the risks you face due to your location and lifestyle. Your policy should provide adequate coverage to protect your assets. If you own high-value goods such as posh jewelry, a gun collection, costly artwork, etc., you may need to add extra coverage above your standard policy limits to fully protect these items.

Home insurance isn’t "one size fits all." For the right home insurance policy at the right price, visit an agent from Seascape Insurance Group Inc. in Apalachicola, FL today.

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