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Florida umbrella insurance coverage

Umbrella Insurance in Florida

Why Is an Umbrella Policy a Good Choice in Florida?

Having an umbrella policy can protect your house, car, investments, retirement accounts, your savings and checking account, and your future income. All of these items are considered assets, and, without an umbrella policy, they are all fair game when it comes to a settlement from being sued. Once your liability coverage is exhausted on either a home or auto policy, you are required to pay the remainder of any settlement from your assets. To protect your assets, choose an umbrella policy that has enough coverage for this. Many people can get away with a $1 million policy, in addition to the coverage they have on their home and auto policies. However, if you are at a greater risk of being sued or have considerable assets, a policy with more coverage might be a better fit. Some greater risks include being a landlord, volunteering, participating in sports where you can injure others, or coaching kid’s sports. Those who have dangerous things on their property, such as a pool or trampoline, can also benefit. An agent at Seascape Insurance Group Inc. in Apalachicola, FL can help you determine your risks and how much coverage you should have.

Coverage for an Umbrella Policy in Florida

Umbrella insurance is not a standalone policy, and you already have to have a qualifying home or auto policy. If you get into a car accident or there is an accident at your house and you are sued, the amount you have to pay may be more than your liability coverage. After you have used your coverage from your home or auto insurance, then your umbrella insurance will kick in. There is also additional coverage an umbrella policy provides. This additional coverage includes false arrest, libel, slander, and legal fees.

Some things are not covered by an umbrella policy, which includes personal property, business losses, criminal or intentional actions, or contracts.

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